Kulika Weizman – New Principal at Creative Ventures

It’s with great pleasure that we are announcing Kulika Weizman has been promoted to Principal at Creative Ventures.

Kulika has been involved in multiple investments. Most recently, she led our investment into Venostent where Creative led their seed round.

Kulika has demonstrated the ability to lead deals on her own, and is also a full voting member on our investment committee.

As a team, we’ve come to greatly trust and respect her judgement, aptitude, and thoughtfulness. We look forward to her continuing to play a strong role in making new investments on behalf of our firm.

Initially, Kulika joined us in Fall of 2018 with a vision of starting a bio and life sciences focused accelerator in Southeast Asia. Prior to that, she was the CEO of Sugarlogix—a company she co-founded upon completing her PhD. Kulika raised capital for Sugarlogix and went through the prestigious Indiebio accelerator program.

We brought her onboard to help think about venture building and assisting some of our LP’s and partners understand more about the landscape of Biotech. With her background in science and technology—and her firsthand understanding of business and startups—she quickly proved adept at looking at potential investments from our market-first lens, as well as grasping the underlying technology and its potential.

Kulika was quick to understand the underlying business case and market incentives for many of the opportunities we have considered over time.

One of Kulika’s greatest strengths is her ability to strike a balance between operating autonomously and her keen sense of self-awareness. These skills have made Kulika successful by giving her the ability to make decisions without permission when she is certain, as well as seek guidance when she is met with something she has yet to learn or understand.

Kulika brings with her a great degree of founder empathy from her time building her company. She has been able to go out and carve out her own focus area by doing the groundwork and research to build out new investment themes. In fact, some of these have now become new investment themes within our fund.

We are incredibly excited to congratulate Kulika on her well-deserved promotion, and look forward to doing even more great work together.

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