Creative Ventures Hopes to Secure Panel Spots for SXSW 2022

As the world continues to move toward a more “normal” state, our team at Creative Ventures is looking for ways to get back into the swing of things.

Recently, we’ve submitted to take part in four panels at SXSW 2022. Before speakers and panels are finalized, SXSW allows for community voting.

Take a look at our panels below and cast your votes before August 26th, 2021:

Crisis Investing: How VC is Tackling Global Problems

Venture Capital is feeling both the urgency and opportunity of an increasingly crisis-impacted world. From climate change to the pandemic, a new generation of investors is dedicated to not just ESG, but to fostering the new technologies and scientific innovations that will help us confront the twenty-first century’s greatest challenges.

This panel will bring together investors at the forefront of investing in the solutions and science to confront the myriad challenges we face. 


  1. What are the areas of innovation that we can invest in that will have the biggest impact on confronting the challenges we face?
  2. How can investors vet the feasibility of deep science and technologies solutions being developed by startups?
  3. What are the opportunities for investors to help propel science, and how does that fit into the ecosystem with academic and government research?

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What is the Future of Health Tech?

As we continue to witness rapid innovation in health tech, industry experts and investors discuss what the next level will look like. From incorporating AI to predicting illness to learning more about the brain, what will the field look like in 5 years? In 10? By 2050?


  1. What the next big areas of innovation of health tech might look like, both short-term and long-term
  2. Which therapeutic areas will be greatly affected by health tech in the next few years
  3. Which areas in health tech need more innovation

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Synthetic Biology’s Major Pain Point: Scale

While there are numerous SynBio startups that have reached unicorn status, many of them haven’t produced a single molecule. Those that have a product can’t successfully scale. In this panel, industry experts break down how both SynBio companies and investors can address this issue to effectively bring new solutions to the market.


  1. What SynBio companies need to focus on to successfully scale
  2. Where promising areas of innovation and scale are in the SynBio space
  3. How scalabale SynBio can bring about widespread change in a number of industries

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How Consumer Health Tech Has Failed the Patient

As the consumer-facing health tech industry exploded over the past decade, medical-grade equipment used in hospitals has failed to reach the same level of innovation. Heavy emphasis on personal wellness takes the responsibility off medical facilities to provide technologically sophisticated care, leaving those without access to expensive consumer health tech behind.

This panel of industry insiders, medical personnel, and investors will discuss the pitfalls of consumer healthtech and how it negatively contributes to health equity.


  1. What areas of health tech healthcare groups need to invest in
  2. What patient-facing technology needs to incorporate from consumer tech
  3. How making health tech more accessible can narrow the gap in patient equity

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How We’ve Gotten Labor Automation All Wrong

For decades we’ve been warned that increasing automation would a massive impact on the workforce in service of more efficient bottom lines. As automation has increasingly gained traction in various industries, the reality is much different. In many cases, labor shortages have impacted industries more than automation can even make up for, and our understanding of how best automation can be deployed has led to an increase in necessary skilled labor.

This panel looks at the myths and realities of the great automation debate, which industries have the greatest need, and how these technologies are actually impacting workers, especially in the post-Covid era.


  1. What industries are most promising for automation technologies today?
  2. How are we seeing the workforce change already with automation, and how will it be accentuated by automation in the future?
  3. What challenges still exist for automation technologies?

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