Why we invested in VenoStent…again

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare innovation, few companies stand out as champions of change. As a venture capital firm deeply committed to addressing the rising costs of healthcare, we’re thrilled to announce our continued investment in VenoStent. The stellar results from their feasibility study, their unwavering focus on clinical excellence and milestone execution, andContinue reading “Why we invested in VenoStent…again”

Cutting through the hype of AI drug discovery

In the world of AI and biotechnology, everyone seems to be shouting, “drug discovery is the next big thing!”  Do yourself a favor, and don’t get swept away by the hype train just yet. Teasing out those who are tackling critical challenges with plausible paths to market from ones that may be suited for therapeutic-focusedContinue reading “Cutting through the hype of AI drug discovery”