February 2023 portfolio round-up

This month, two of our portfolio companies shared some great news: Rhaeos raises $11M Series A for fluid-monitoring patch On February 16th, the company announced it raised an $11 million Series A. “The Steele Foundation for Hope led the raise, tipping Rhaeos’ total funding over $18 million. Creative Ventures and Lateral Capital joined. With theContinue reading “February 2023 portfolio round-up”

January 2023 portfolio round-up

As January comes to a close, we’re excited to share three announcements from our portfolio companies: Exo recognized for Exo Works™ In March 2022, the company launched Exo Works™, a point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution enabling providers to spend less time on documentation and more time with patients.  “Physicians have historically been bogged down by tediousContinue reading “January 2023 portfolio round-up”

3 ways to hire well for your startup (TechCrunch)

“While inflation continues to skyrocket and the Fed pumps up interest rates, consumer confidence remains unchanged, and unemployment sits at a historical low. The business and market financial outlook is grim, but companies are still at the mercy of their employees, who seem to have endless choices for jobs. Big Tech might have released someContinue reading “3 ways to hire well for your startup (TechCrunch)”

Deep tech venture capital investing (EisnerAmper)

” We are looking for things that are commercially viable today and change the trajectory of society.” James Wang, via EisnerAmper In this episode of Engaging Alternatives Spotlight,  Creative GP James Wang sits down with Elana Margulies-Snyderman,  Director, Publications, EisnerAmper, and shares his outlook for VC investing in early-stage companies, including the greatest opportunities and challenges, how ourContinue reading “Deep tech venture capital investing (EisnerAmper)”

Healthcare Round-Up

Our team at Creative Ventures invests in technologies that address the inexorable rise in healthcare costs globally. These costs are driven by the secular demographic trend of aging populations and rising chronic disease—and without innovations within healthcare, will force us to face a grim tradeoff of either consuming all of our economic output in maintainingContinue reading “Healthcare Round-Up”

Creative GP Champ Suthipongchai on Construction Automation

Co-founder and General Partner, Champ Suthipongchai has spent some time sharing his insights into construction automation.

Most recently, Champ’s insights have been featured on TechCrunch—a welcomed validation we are eager to share with you.