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Everyone is looking at the wrong jobs numbers

Everyone is up in arms about the April jobs report. The US added 266,000 jobs during the month, but it was a fraction of what was expected and did nothing to change the unemployment rate.

At the same time, we had a viral TikTok video of a McDonald’s in Texas apologizing for being short staffed because “No one wants to work anymore.”

Conservatives are quite loudly implicating the cause of this (and other similar anecdotes from small businesses)are caused by supplements to unemployment benefits and other pandemic aid discouraging work.

So which is it? …well, probably both.

hospital from above

The Business of Healthcare

The sheer scale of the healthcare system is mesmerizing. In the US alone, $11,072 per capita spending (in 2019) and at around 320 million in population means that we’re looking at $3 trillion in annual spending.
And even though the US is the largest spender, spending per capita has been rising across the entire world, driving healthcare to make up a larger and larger share of total global GDP.
But, as experienced founders know, the sheer size of a market alone doesn’t matter that much. What matters is how attainable it is for your specific business and business model.
For founders in the healthcare sector, this means avoiding the number one faux pax; forgetting the “business” part of the healthcare system.

Kulika Weizman – New Principal at Creative Ventures

It’s with great pleasure that we are announcing Kulika Weizman has been promoted to Principal at Creative Ventures.

Kulika has been involved in multiple investments. Most recently, she led our investment into Venostent where Creative led their seed round.

Kulika has demonstrated the ability to lead deals on her own, and is also a full voting member on our investment committee.

It’s a Good Time to Invest in Healthcare Diagnostics. Here’s Why.

There is currently a lot of debate around the efficacy and value of the American healthcare system, but we believe a large portion of its problems are due to the fact that it is better equipped to treat acute conditions rather than chronic conditions. In addition, we often don’t have good drugs or other incentivesContinue reading “It’s a Good Time to Invest in Healthcare Diagnostics. Here’s Why.”

Keeping Up with the Delivery Rocketship Part II: Opportunities in Warehouse Automation

In Part I, we discussed how the exponential growth in eCommerce leads to an increase in cost of fulfillment and shipping as a percentage of net sales, driven by rising wage and consumer expectation. Worker wages in fulfilment centers sit at $17 an hour, almost two and a half times more than minimum wage. ConsumersContinue reading “Keeping Up with the Delivery Rocketship Part II: Opportunities in Warehouse Automation”

The $400 Billion Market Part III: Opportunities in Construction Analytics

In our previous posts in this series, we established a case for construction technology due to severe labor shortages, and discussed two primary challenges as market fragmentation and complex market structure. We then looked into a number of automation-related opportunities involving site preparation and foundation phases of the construction process, focusing on construction surveying andContinue reading “The $400 Billion Market Part III: Opportunities in Construction Analytics”

The $400 Billion Market Part II: Opportunities in Construction Automation

In Part I, we explained that the construction industry is experiencing heightened demand primarily from the residential and infrastructure segment, an aging workforce that is retiring, and the challenge to attract younger generations. These factors lead cumulatively to a severe labor shortage and rising labor wages that are constricting an industry historically operating at aContinue reading “The $400 Billion Market Part II: Opportunities in Construction Automation”

The $400 Billion Market Part I: The Case for Construction Automation

In 2018 my friend excitedly mentioned that he and his wife were looking to buy a house. Finding a new home would end up taking them another 24 months. Maybe those of you who are living in the San Francisco Bay Area have had a similar experience involving an excruciatingly painful journey to bid, getContinue reading “The $400 Billion Market Part I: The Case for Construction Automation”


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