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robot hand reaching for human hand

AI: What It Can and Cannot Do

Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups are some of the most susceptible to hype and magical thinking. As a result, the reality of what modern AI can actually achieve becomes convoluted. ​ 

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hand size lithium ion battery

Battery Innovation, Part I: The Current State of Things

It’s tempting to assume that we’ve overcome most of the technological challenges in battery innovation and that lithium-ion is the clear winner.

After all, batteries are going to be commoditized just as solar PV panels were, right? Surely the remaining value capture will fall on software solutions that build off of and use existing battery systems.

While this assumption can be packaged and wrapped up with a nice little bow, it only tells one piece of a much larger story. The true solution is multi-faceted and takes a handful of very real challenges into account.

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nurse on zoom with patient

Digital Health: The Next Frontier

Healthcare has been slow to embrace technology, but now digital transformation in health care is accelerating. The increased demand on the healthcare system triggered many healthcare organizations to make changes to their delivery systems. Hospitals and clinics used telemedicine and remote patient monitoring services to provide meaningful solutions and supplement some healthcare delivery and services deficiencies.

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