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The Do’s and Dont’s of Sharing Proprietary Information

VC’s want to invest in companies, not rebuild or downright copy what you are doing. If you have done your diligence and everything checks

Investment opportunities in steel

The steelmaking industry accounts for about 8% of global CO2 emissions. What, if any, investment opportunities are there in the space?

Where is the money when the money is everywhere?

Venture capital is on track to register its largest fundraising year on record despite the market correction.

Diversity in clinical trials: necessary but insufficient

Higher drug approval rates, lower clinical trial costs, and improved efficacy are within reach with the right tools.
contruction hat laying on concreate

Katerra’s failure paved the way for a better solution

Why Katerra became a master of none, and what the winning solution will actually look like.

Good investors matter…right?

As Tolstoy once wrote, “Good families are all the same. Bad families are all unique in their own ways.”
wheat field

Why the end of the Ukraine-Russia war won’t end the global food shortage 

Perhaps the answer to our food shortage lies in solving a simple, though still difficult, engineering problem: the ability to pick and
upward moving arrow over person wearing glasses and numbers

Interest rates are going up, but will there be continued interest in deep tech investing?

The fed continues to slowly increase interest rates, but there will still be ample capital and enthusiasm in funding early stage innovation.
She was hands holding one another in front of two laptops with financial graphs

Should I care about the macro environment as a founder?

Should you be keeping track of macro events as a start up founder?

Tapping into the power of nature 

Despite and because of all the challenges lined up between bench-top and commercialization, it is critical to take a market-driven approach
venture capital money

A new price tag: Are you paying too much to buy in?

In this day and age, it's not about not paying more. It's about finding a company that does better with more capital.
black piggy bank investment

What we invest in

Our team at Creative Ventures prides itself on being market-driven deeptech investors. We’re looking for market-driven companies and not
hands on a table with phone and page of data

The wrong way to divide the pie

Venture is as much a partnership between investors and founders as it is amongst the investment partners themselves. Thus, the best way to

The importance of empirical evidence for early-stage deeptech companies

Here are three must-have sections for when you're compiling your empirical evidence:

The Impacts of the Omicron Variant for Startups

We aren’t public health experts, but we have seen how COVID-19 has played out just like everyone else, especially the impact the Delta

The Carbon Equation

We’re wrapping up 2021 with anticipated ~50B record high investments in climate tech. Despite the capital rush, we stay disciplined to our
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What’s going to happen next in VC?

Will the flood of capital we're seeing in VC continue? Will it all come crashing down?

Autonomous Vehicles, Part IV: Overcoming Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Roadblocks

While still nascent, V2V is quickly being developed to enable vehicles to wirelessly exchange information. 

Using Diagnostic Innovation to Measure What Matters 

Currently, the only treatment for hydrocephalus is to place a shunt in order to drain the excess fluid. Patients rely on these shunts for

Climate Change, Part I: Lessons Learned from Cleantech 1.0

In the midst of the global pandemic, the tech industry seems to have woken up. VC funding going into climate change is swelling. We are

One Definite Sign of a Bad Startup

Hearing bad startup ideas is an occupational hazard of working in startups or VC. There are some ideas that sound crazy but end up being

Autonomous Vehicle Part III: The Race to Retrofit the Wheel

Moving away from the material transportation uses case discussed in Part II of our series, it’s time to take an even closer look at
abstract tech image

How Does a Deep Tech Startup Differ From a “Normal” Startup?

In the world of Deep Tech, you can't use the "move fast and break things" approach. On the bright side, neither can your competitors.

Healthcare Round-Up

Our team at Creative Ventures invests in technologies that address the inexorable rise in healthcare costs globally. These costs are driven

Autonomous Vehicle Part II: The Opportunity within the Unregulated Terrain

While it may be some time until autonomous vehicles are on the roads, there is certainly space for them in other sectors.

CV’s Champ Suthipongchai on Forbes Business Council

CV's General Partner Champ Suthipongchai was shared his insights into how FOs can be successful in the world of VC on Forbes Business

Startup Valuation Made Simple(r) – Working Backwards

There’s an easier way to understand valuation beyond the traditional, “Well, what are we worth at this stage/traction?” Here's how:

Autonomous Vehicles, Part I: Why Aren’t They Dominating the Roads?

Why haven't autonomous vehicles proliferated our roads with robo-taxis and made car ownership all but unnecessary?
sxsw panel picker

Creative Ventures Hopes to Secure Panel Spots for SXSW 2022

We’ve submitted to take part in four panels at SXSW 2022. Before speakers and panels are finalized, SXSW allows for community voting.
robot hand reaching for human hand

AI: What It Can and Cannot Do

Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups are some of the most susceptible to hype and magical thinking. As a result, the reality of what modern
hand size lithium ion battery

Battery Innovation, Part I: The Current State of Things

It's tempting to assume that we've overcome most of the technological challenges in battery innovation and that lithium-ion is the clear
two people shaking hands

The Economics of Fund Ownership: Ignoring Ownership and Enabling LP Co-Investment

Being a method-driven VC, we're not playing Russian Roulette. We're counting cards in the game of 21.  even if the signals tell us that they
nurse on zoom with patient

Digital Health: The Next Frontier

Healthcare has been slow to embrace technology, but now digital transformation in health care is accelerating. The increased demand on the

Alternative Sources of Protein, Part 2: The Solutions

Climate change plays a central role in diminishing resources and agricultural outputs. In parallel, the demand for animal-based foods is
coronavirus image from cdc

COVID accelerated automation labor trends

It’s an undeniable fact that the pandemic has changed a lot about everyday life. The real question now, however, is how lasting will some of

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): A transient hype or a fundamental change in healthcare services?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), the monitoring of patients outside a traditional clinical setting, has received an influx of capital over

Alternative Sources of Protein, Part 1: A Look at What’s Driving the Demand

Life on earth would not be possible without the constant cycling of several key elements. In particular, proteins, – which are among other
brain model

All Eyes on Neuroscience

Currently, over 100 million Americans—and one in six people globally—suffer from a myriad of neurological disorders. With over 1,000 known
view of a hurricane from space

The Unspoken Victim of Extreme Climate

Creative Ventures recently led an investment into PlanetWatchers, a Satellite Aperture Radar (SAR) technology company that turns months of

Deep Tech Awakening and How to Predict its Success: Part II

A critic of Deep Tech often claims that Deep Tech investment possesses such a high technology risk, the return is often unjustifiable. This
abstract tech image

Deep Tech Awakening and How to Predict Its Success: Part I

During the 2010's, mobile Internet was experiencing its golden years. The US started with 20% smartphone penetration and ended with over

Platform Technology Dilemma

As a deep tech fund, we come across a fair share of platform-tech startups. The promise of supposedly expandable market opportunities is
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Everyone is looking at the wrong jobs numbers

Everyone is up in arms about the April jobs report. The US added 266,000 jobs during the month, but it was a fraction of what was expected
hospital from above

The Business of Healthcare

The sheer scale of the healthcare system is mesmerizing. In the US alone, $11,072 per capita spending (in 2019) and at around 320 million in

Kulika Weizman – New Principal at Creative Ventures

It’s with great pleasure that we are announcing Kulika Weizman has been promoted to Principal at Creative Ventures. Kulika has been
construction site

Creative GP Champ Suthipongchai on Construction Automation

Co-founder and General Partner, Champ Suthipongchai has spent some time sharing his insights into construction automation. Most recently,

Keeping Up with the Delivery Rocketship Part III: A Case Against Last Mile Delivery and How to Change Our Mind

Let us be frank about this: we think last mile delivery has a very attractive upside, but we think it is too challenging to be an attractive

It’s a Good Time to Invest in Healthcare Diagnostics. Here’s Why.

There is currently a lot of debate around the efficacy and value of the American healthcare system, but we believe a large portion of its

Keeping Up with the Delivery Rocketship Part II: Opportunities in Warehouse Automation

In Part I, we discussed how the exponential growth in eCommerce leads to an increase in cost of fulfillment and shipping as a percentage of

Keeping Up with the Delivery Rocketship Part I: The Case for Logistic Automation

Two things that my wife loves are good food and nice purses. In 2020, those two options became exclusively available, for the first time,

The $400 Billion Market Part III: Opportunities in Construction Analytics

In our previous posts in this series, we established a case for construction technology due to severe labor shortages, and discussed two

The $400 Billion Market Part II: Opportunities in Construction Automation

In Part I, we explained that the construction industry is experiencing heightened demand primarily from the residential and infrastructure

The $400 Billion Market Part I: The Case for Construction Automation

In 2018 my friend excitedly mentioned that he and his wife were looking to buy a house. Finding a new home would end up taking them another

Kidney Disease: A Silent (and Costly) Killer

The underlying macrotrends, current solutions and investment opportunities Creative Ventures recently led an investment into VenoStent, an

Myths and Realities of Automation and Labor Shortages

This is the introduction to a series of articles Creative Ventures will be publishing on the topic of Labor Shortage and Automation.  The
photo of golden cogwheel on black background

What is Method Driven VC?

In order to truly address global problems facing society, many of which stem from resource shortages, we turn to technology, a resource

Invest in “Product-Ready” Technologies, Not Moonshots

At Creative Ventures, we often hear from our peers, “You seem really fearless about technical risk.” Ironically, this could not be further
Data Moats for AI

The Fall of Data Moats

"What's your data moat?" It's one of the most common questions to AI-related startups. It’s also an increasingly irrelevant question. Thanks

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