Why we invested in C.Light

We continue to be optimistic and excited about the potential of C.Light Technologies, a groundbreaking company that specialized in the development of ophthalmologic lasers capable of accurately tracking microsaccades. Our decision to invest in C.Light in 2021 was driven by the immense potential we saw in their technology to advance early diagnosis and management of neurodegenerativeContinue reading “Why we invested in C.Light”

Invest in “Product-Ready” Technologies, Not Moonshots

At Creative Ventures, we often hear from our peers, “You seem really fearless about technical risk.” Ironically, this could not be further from the truth. We explicitly do not invest in technologies at Creative Ventures (even though we are a deep tech fund).

The Fall of Data Moats

“What’s your data moat?” It’s one of the most common questions to AI-related startups. It’s also an increasingly irrelevant question. Thanks to better representations and algorithms it’s now possible to do a lot more with a lot less data. Outside of a limited number of fairly specialized applications, data moats are becoming less and less secure.