Cutting through the hype of AI drug discovery

In the world of AI and biotechnology, everyone seems to be shouting, “drug discovery is the next big thing!”  Do yourself a favor, and don’t get swept away by the hype train just yet. Teasing out those who are tackling critical challenges with plausible paths to market from ones that may be suited for therapeutic-focusedContinue reading “Cutting through the hype of AI drug discovery”

Why we invested in C.Light

We continue to be optimistic and excited about the potential of C.Light Technologies, a groundbreaking company that specialized in the development of ophthalmologic lasers capable of accurately tracking microsaccades. Our decision to invest in C.Light in 2021 was driven by the immense potential we saw in their technology to advance early diagnosis and management of neurodegenerativeContinue reading “Why we invested in C.Light”

Healthcare Round-Up

Our team at Creative Ventures invests in technologies that address the inexorable rise in healthcare costs globally. These costs are driven by the secular demographic trend of aging populations and rising chronic disease—and without innovations within healthcare, will force us to face a grim tradeoff of either consuming all of our economic output in maintainingContinue reading “Healthcare Round-Up”

Digital Health: The Next Frontier

Healthcare has been slow to embrace technology, but now digital transformation in health care is accelerating. The increased demand on the healthcare system triggered many healthcare organizations to make changes to their delivery systems. Hospitals and clinics used telemedicine and remote patient monitoring services to provide meaningful solutions and supplement some healthcare delivery and services deficiencies.

The Business of Healthcare

The sheer scale of the healthcare system is mesmerizing. In the US alone, $11,072 per capita spending (in 2019) and at around 320 million in population means that we’re looking at $3 trillion in annual spending.
And even though the US is the largest spender, spending per capita has been rising across the entire world, driving healthcare to make up a larger and larger share of total global GDP.
But, as experienced founders know, the sheer size of a market alone doesn’t matter that much. What matters is how attainable it is for your specific business and business model.
For founders in the healthcare sector, this means avoiding the number one faux pax; forgetting the “business” part of the healthcare system.

It’s a Good Time to Invest in Healthcare Diagnostics. Here’s Why.

There is currently a lot of debate around the efficacy and value of the American healthcare system, but we believe a large portion of its problems are due to the fact that it is better equipped to treat acute conditions rather than chronic conditions. In addition, we often don’t have good drugs or other incentivesContinue reading “It’s a Good Time to Invest in Healthcare Diagnostics. Here’s Why.”