June & July 2023 portfolio round-up

Take a quick look at some of our portfolio companies’ most recent features during Summer 2023: Exo® and Sana Kliniken AG partner to bring smart ultrasound to Germany This partnership will bring Exo’s high-performance handheld ultrasound platform and artificial intelligence to more medical staff to enable real-time decisions that improve patient outcomes, streamline workflow inefficiencies,Continue reading “June & July 2023 portfolio round-up”

May 2023 portfolio round-up

Take a look at what our portfolio companies were up to in May 2023: Researchers Led by WPI’s Yan Wang Develop Solvent-free Process to Make Better, Cheaper Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes Batteries News shares insight into AM Batteries CEO & co-founder leading a team of researchers toward the development of a solvent-free process to manufacture lithium-ionContinue reading “May 2023 portfolio round-up”

The Impacts of the Omicron Variant for Startups

We aren’t public health experts, but we have seen how COVID-19 has played out just like everyone else, especially the impact the Delta variant had. With information on Omicron still evolving (and quite rapidly), it’s can be difficult to avoid guessing how Omicron itself is different in order to actually make any decisions.​

One Definite Sign of a Bad Startup

Hearing bad startup ideas is an occupational hazard of working in startups or VC. There are some ideas that sound crazy but end up being massive winners. There are other ideas that sound pretty good but end up being duds. And, sometimes, it’s not really about the idea but just one’s own execution and effort—afterContinue reading “One Definite Sign of a Bad Startup”