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Creative ventures is a systematic deep
tech venture capital firm.
We invest in entrepreneurs
commercializing advanced
science and technology
to address global secular trends
in non-internet sectors.

Our Investment Areas



We look for companies to address labor shortages and improve productivity in manufacturing, construction, logistics, and food production.


We look for companies using technology to address rising healthcare costs. We are primarily interested in chronic and metabolic diseases, medical devices, and diagnostics.


We look for companies that help to feed the world sustainably.


We look for companies that significantly lower carbon emissions and/or address the impacts of climate change.

Our Entrepreneurs

Our founders have one thing in common. They have the incredible tenacity to solve grand global challenges. Our mission is to empower them to do that.

How We Are Different.

Our objective is simple and financially oriented, everything we do must be measurable and repeatable in short time span.

Systematic Investment

We operate by a set of pre-specified rules and criteria in our investment decisions to reduce market risk.

US-Global Strategy

We actively help companies with business development and expansion – reducing the sales cycle and tapping into a global network.

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