Setting a new standard for method-driven venture capital.

We identify and invest in critical global-scale challenges, and fund the companies with deployable solutions that address these problems.

We invest in secular problems, not technologies

Creative Ventures is a deep technology fund that starts from markets, not solutions.


Addressing labor shortages in manufacturing, construction, logistics, and food production.


Controlling spiraling healthcare costs stemming from aging and chronic disease.


Feeding the world sustainably with continued population and standard of living growth.


Lowering carbon impact and providing the resources needed to continue growth, sustainably

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Diverse problems require diverse solutions


investments with underrepresented founders


investments with a female founder


investments with first-time founders

How we’re different

Market before Solution

We believe our market-first approach and strict investment protocols are the surest way to secure exponential growth opportunities while mitigating the biggest risks investing in deep technology.

Solutions for Today

We’re not in the business of predicting the future. We don’t take on R&D risks with unknown horizons. We invest in scalable technologies primed to meet existing market demand.

Unsurpassed Rigor

We are the most rigorous manager in VC because the sectors we invest in require it. Our managing partners and GPs include financial analysts, operators, industrialists, and PhD technologists with deep subject-matter expertise.

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Blog and Podcasts

  • The Unspoken Victim of Extreme Climate
    Creative Ventures recently led an investment into PlanetWatchers, a Satellite Aperture Radar (SAR) technology company that turns months of crop assessment into minutes of analysis at one-tenth of the cost. Here we unravel the underlying macro trends driving the need for SAR and why it is needed to combat the exponential growth of extreme climate.
  • Deep Tech Awakening and How to Predict its Success: Part II
    A critic of Deep Tech often claims that Deep Tech investment possesses such a high technology risk, the return is often unjustifiable. This premise fails to distinguish between the shade of grey within the maturity curve of each emerging technology. By understanding this particular nuance, we stand a significantly greater chance in predicting the success of a Deep Tech company.
  • Deep Tech Awakening and How to Predict Its Success: Part I
    During the 2010’s, mobile Internet was experiencing its golden years. The US started with 20% smartphone penetration and ended with over 70% and 250 million users. Uber roared. Airbnb IPO’ed at a $100+ billion valuation. But for an investor, this is yesterday’s glory and that means it’s also someone else’s money. So what’s next?