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Faster, Cheaper Construction with AI

ALICE has developed AI for construction scheduling that reduces project cost and time.


Quantum Computing, Today

Bleximo is building quantum computers to address real-world problems, including drug discovery.


Shopping Reinvented

Caper enables a cashier-less automated shopping experience.


Sustainable Packaging

Vericool is a developer of sustainable cold chain packaging, directly replacing styrofoam.


Making the Physical, Digital

Riven makes measuring complex parts simple with mass-deployable 3D-scanning.


Replacing Petrochemicals

Visolis is enabling new synthetic biology manufacturing platforms.

Sense Photonics

Massively Scaleable LiDAR

Sense Photonics is building the next generation of LiDAR and 3D sensor solutions for autonomous vehicles, industrial robotics, and more.


Safer, longer-lasting batteries

Sepion is an advanced materials company commercializing technology for next-gen electric vehicles and energy storage.


AI-driven, high resolution, ultralow cost ultrasound

eXo is developing an affordable high-resolution ultrasound device with AI capability.


Commercial pizza cooking robotics

Picnic is a robotics startup that focuses on food production.


Quartz is working on the future of construction.

All-in-one remote site-sensing, security, and productivity platform for construction


Digital twin and big data for capital engineering projects

VEERUM is a global SaaS provider that applies data visualization software to asset ownership, helping clients build a better world.

FORT Robotics

Total wireless control for robotics.

FORT Robotics brings a uniquely engineering and design-driven approach to making the world safer for all of us.


Autonomous welding robots with AI

Path is producing autonomous welding robots based on proprietary AI and computer vision algorithms.


AI-driven digital biopsy for lung diseases

Imvaria is enhancing patient outcomes with better disease stratification.


Revolutionizing women's health

Lioness has created a biofeedback device that helps women learn more about their own bodies.


Simple, seamless smart apartments

IOTAS develops a simple and seamless solution to enabling smart apartments


AI-enabled conversion aerial datasets into CAD

Airworks is making autonomous drafting software for the built world


breakthrough dental implant solution

Identical is enabling personalized, drill-Free dental Implants.


Clinically validated mental health treatment platform

Mobio develops mental health digital therapeutic solutions to enhance traditional prescription drugs for chronic diseases.


Exo-vascular polymer stent for surgery failure elimination.

VenoStent develops bioresorbable slip-on polymer stents, called SelfWrap, to eliminate vascular surgery failure.


Tracking scanning laser ophthalmoscope for neurodegenerative disorder

C.Light has created a tracking scanning laser ophthalmoscope (TSLO) for the purpose of diagnosing and tracking neurodegenerative disorders.


Machine-learning commercial dishwashing robotics

Dishcraft's robotic solution provides a significant improvement over traditional ware washing.

Terra CO2

Low-cost, low-carbon portland cement

Terra CO2 is developing a proprietary and scalable solution for eco-friendly, general-use alternative cementitious material in construction.

Southie Autonomy

Software solution to enable no-code tasks for robots.

Solution designed for contract packers and manufacturers completely eliminates the skill barriers required to deploy robots today.


Active drug delivery system which compatible with gene therapy, mRNA, biologics and small molecules to increase drug efficacy and decrease toxicity.

Cytonus developed proprietary immunotherapeutic products to treat a wide range of medical conditions including cancers, infectious diseases.

AM Batteries

Breakthrough solvent-free electrode manufacturing technology

AM Batteries is reducing cost and complexity in battery manufacturing.


SAR technology for climate analysis

PlanetWatcher is developing a SAR (Synthetic Aperture radar) analysis solution to support crop insurers other advanced services.


Breakthrough non-invasive thermal sensor

Rhaeos developed a noninvasive thermal sensor to detect the presence and magnitude of CSF.


Improving the accuracy of cancer treatment with advanced methodology

OncoPrecision addresses a major cost burden resulted from oncology drug inefficacy


Advanced on-off switches for genetically engineered organisms

Synvivia develops protein-self-splicing genetic switches to control cell behavior. It is targeting viral vector manufacturing to improve AAV


Automated checkout shopping cart

Veeve’s smart shopping cart offers cashier-less checkout and a headless software platform to help grocery stores reduce the amount of labor

3E Nano

Nano-thin energy and solar coatings

The innovative technology with optically tunable properties can be integrated for a large variety of infrastructure & transportation product


Advanced control solutions that increase cycle life and reduce cost in energy storage solutions