Why we invested in C.Light

close up of an eyeball. the eye is blue and the lids are not fully visible

We continue to be optimistic and excited about the potential of C.Light Technologies, a groundbreaking company that specialized in the development of ophthalmologic lasers capable of accurately tracking microsaccades.

Our decision to invest in C.Light in 2021 was driven by the immense potential we saw in their technology to advance early diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases—and the passion of its founder, Dr. Christy Sheehy.

Now, in 2023, we are even more convinced of the compelling nature of our investment, particularly with the recent FDA approvals of potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, such as aducanumab in 2022 and lecanemab in 2023. This further underscores the importance of C.Light’s technology in revolutionizing the field of neurodegenerative disease diagnostics and treatment.

Addressing the need for early diagnosis:

Early diagnosis has always been crucial in neurodegenerative diseases, and with the recent approval of potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, its significance has grown even more. Our investment in C.Light was driven by their focus on early detection in neurodegenerative diseases, starting with multiple sclerosis (MS). Their ophthalmologic laser technology, along with its ability to accurately track microsaccades, holds the potential to identify subtle eye movement abnormalities that may be indicative of neurodegeneration, allowing for timely interventions and improved patient outcomes.

Reliable biomarker for neurodegeneration

In our initial investment, we recognized the value of microsaccades as a reliable biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases. C.Light’s technology enables precise tracking and analysis of these small eye movements, providing objective and quantitative measurements. By leveraging microsaccades as a biomarker, C.Light aims to improve the sensitivity and specificity of early detection, facilitating timely interventions when treatments such as aducanumab and lecanemab can potentially have the greatest impact.

Potential for multiple neurodegenerative diseases

While our investment in C.Light initially focused on their application in multiple sclerosis, we always recognized the potential for their technology to extend beyond a single disease. With the recent FDA approvals of potential Alzheimer’s disease treatments, the broader potential of C.Light’s technology has become even more evident. By targeting microsaccade analysis, their innovative platform has the potential to aid in the early diagnosis and management of various neurodegenerative conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and others.

Advancements in precision medicine and personalized care

C.Light’s technology aligns with the evolving field of precision medicine and personalized care. By enabling early diagnosis through microsaccade tracking, clinicians can intervene at the right time with tailored treatments. The recent approvals of aducanumab and lecanemab for Alzheimer’s disease highlight the importance of precise diagnostic tools like C.Light’s technology in guiding personalized treatment approaches and optimizing patient care.

Contribution to scientific research and clinical trials

Finally, our investment in C.Light extends beyond the potential for commercial success. We recognize the significant impact their technology can have on scientific research and the development of new therapies. By accurately tracking microsaccades, C.Light’s platform generates valuable data that contributes to our understanding of disease mechanisms and aids in the design of clinical trials. This collaborative approach to research aligns with our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions and driving progress in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

We were and still are excited about the potential of C.Light

Our investment in C.Light in 2021 has only become more compelling in 2023, given the recent FDA approvals of potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. C.Light’s ophthalmologic laser technology, capable of accurately tracking microsaccades, remains a cutting-edge tool in the early diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases. We are confident that C.Light’s groundbreaking technology, combined with the progress in potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, will continue to make a significant impact in the field and ultimately improve the lives of individuals affected by these challenging conditions.

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