Supporting deep tech founders the right way, pt 1

After nearly a decade of investing in deep tech, it comes as no surprise that most investors know very little about how to support deep tech companies.  Many simply adopt the same mantra from their software investments and hope it sticks: give founders money and stay out of their way. Though, if we’re being honest,Continue reading “Supporting deep tech founders the right way, pt 1”

Cutting through the hype of AI drug discovery

In the world of AI and biotechnology, everyone seems to be shouting, “drug discovery is the next big thing!”  Do yourself a favor, and don’t get swept away by the hype train just yet. Teasing out those who are tackling critical challenges with plausible paths to market from ones that may be suited for therapeutic-focusedContinue reading “Cutting through the hype of AI drug discovery”

Why we invested in C.Light

We continue to be optimistic and excited about the potential of C.Light Technologies, a groundbreaking company that specialized in the development of ophthalmologic lasers capable of accurately tracking microsaccades. Our decision to invest in C.Light in 2021 was driven by the immense potential we saw in their technology to advance early diagnosis and management of neurodegenerativeContinue reading “Why we invested in C.Light”

Funding breakthrough technologies to solve crises (Builder Nation)

“Ironically, as a deep tech VC, we don’t care about technology. It’s not a technology that makes or breaks a deep tech company. It’s not even the thing we spend 20% of our time looking at. It’s all about the market.“ Champ Suthipongchai, via Builder Nation In this interview,  brought to you by Builder Nation, theContinue reading “Funding breakthrough technologies to solve crises (Builder Nation)”